Meet John Brady

For three decades, John has founded, operated, invested in, and advised a number of highly successful marketing service, software and analytics firms.

JDRF Involvement

John has volunteered for JDRF to create a world without Type 1 Diabetes since February 2001.


John has served on numerous board committees and has worked closely with JDRF volunteers, staff and executives to usher in many important advancements. John has also served as a research communications spokesperson and travels throughout the U.S. to help people understand the critical research JDRF is funding and its impact on people with T1D.


Elected Chair of JDRF’s International Board of Directors in 2014 after previously serving on the board for seven years, John now serves on JDRF’s Executive Committee and is an active member of the Board of Chancellors.

Active Investments

CentraForce Health

CentraForce Health provides the actionable insights that close the gap between the data their clients have and the data their clients need to improve clinical outcomes, patient engagement and ROI in the changing healthcare environment. Without compromising privacy, their proprietary PopulationCentric Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive population health intelligence on social determinants, conditions and treatments, health behaviors and attitudes, as well as the most powerful channels for targeted patient outreach and communication.


These actionable insights cannot be derived or ascertained from traditional healthcare data sources, and are used by providers, payors, pharma and device companies, consultants and other healthcare service providers to improve outcomes and business performance.

DDC Public Affairs

For over two decades, DDC has helped clients navigate the legislative, regulatory, and policy landscape. From Main Street to Wall Street to K Street—and anywhere around the world—DDC designs, executes and manages advocacy programs that shape public opinion, sway decision-makers, and affect outcomes in the legislature, the press, the board room, and the public eye. As Partner, John advises on major client engagements for DDC, and serves on the Executive Committee.

Deep Root Analytics

Founded in 2013, Deep Root Analytics is a predictive media analytics company that creates platforms to surface hidden data insights and provides greater efficiency, effectiveness and accountability for media buying decisions.


Using proprietary audience-centric methodology, Deep Root Analytics has optimized more than $600 million in TV advertising by matching first-party target data to a blended set of large-linked, multi-sourced datasets and makes available a suite of media analytics dashboards and tools, including custom audience ratings, optimized media buys, ad occurrence evaluation, media mix modeling, and unduplicated reach analysis. John serves as a member of the Board of Directors.


Resonate has built the first automated consumer insights engine, allowing marketers, campaigns and advocacy organizations to gain deep insights into customers and voters in real time, discover new segments for prospecting, and activate segments at scale. Resonate’s software provides on-the-fly analytics and enables activation of any customer segment through numerous marketing partner integrations.


John serves as Chairman and is a co-founder of Resonate. He has been instrumental in developing the early concepts of Resonate’s methodology and unique value proposition and continues to provide support and direction of the company.

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